Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ebay Shop Customisation - lower expectations or spend loads of money

Great stuff - blogger has a new look! The minimal contribution for today is to allude to how non-straightforward it is to customise ebay shops. You need a custom page template but they only really work for custom pages and not the category or product display. For those you either need to totally disable all ebay page furniture so that the optional additional html on the product listing displays properly. As for using script or jquery - possible but awkward. As soon as you enable any ebay header/banner, category listing, boxes, etc it totally restricts your customisation options. Maybe via ebay developer tools or some pro software these things are more straightforward but suspect you'll end up with about 5 tabs open in your browser when 2 would do. Ebay navigation between the user account and the shop management system is heavy to say the least.