Friday, 21 May 2010

What is the standard screen size anyway?

What are you designing for?

There is a glut of possible display resolutions or screen sizes for your viewing interface now, largely due to variation and convergence of traditional computer display screens, digitalisation and wide screen, then HD television.

These are roughly split between 3 main contenders:

18% approx - 4:3 ratio (following in the great VGA tradition)
42% approx - 16:10 (Widescreen)
20% approx - 5:4 (1280x1024 pixels)

It is a design consideration for fixed width display websites but also for desktop wallpapers based on bitmap images. There are some new Allan McNish images available on the official website...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Upset the form book

Well done to FC Twente Enschede! Especially after holding their nerve on the last game of the Eredivisie season away to NAC Breda, while Ajax had been on a free-scoring run of games to keep the pressure on.

(van ons)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Event decor hire

This is a recent customised Wordpress CMS website for a Dumfries-based event decor hire company.

The wordpress installation is based on a customised theme in line with the existing printed marketing materials of Tantrum Events.

The image galleries are controlled using the NextGen Gallery plug-in which also allow for the jwplayer slideshow effect based on random gallery images.

The functions.php file for the theme has been updated to use the post thumbnail feature present in Wordpress 2.9 onwards. More details...

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thornhill blues fundraiser and website

After a mayday fundraising blues jam evening in Thornhill the Thornhill Blues event is up and running for next year.

Tickets were sold out for the event at Thornhill Bowling Club and the large support augurs well for the official opening next year.

The headlining blues bands expected to play at the 2011 festival are listed on the website with links to their respective youtube and myspace pages.