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Monday, 24 March 2014

NextGen $base-url

Wordpress gallery plugin NextGen has an odd feature if you're using the lightbox option in that URLs are stored mysteriously even after migrating a site to a new domain and updating any stored reference in the database (e.g. using the Serialized PHP Search Replace script)

There is a fix from 2013 by deltafactory on GitHub Gist but this specific issue has popped up on a few forums where the $base_url doesn't change readily.

The only obvious sign that something is awry are the missing images on the lightbox frame:


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Documentation for NextGen Gallery plug-in...

...could be improved.

Luckily, Vuthy Thorn (a Bostonian living in Los Angeles) has given a good run-down on how to use the NExtGen album and galleries feature within the popular Wordpress plug-in. The explanation and guide also gives some insight to Wordpressers into the 'logic' of the system which aids understanding.

Separate Wordpress sub-pages are created for each gallery within an album using the NextGen interface and the main album display can sit on the parent page.

See the Comlongon Castle wedding photos for a working example.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

NextGen Gallery again

The existing Comlongon Castle website image gallery module was struggling to cope with the volume of images so it was time to employ a Wordpress installation with the renowned NextGen gallery plug-in to help organise the photos into themed galleries (AJAX pagination) with slideshow and piclens options.

This is to be achieved using an alternative Comlongon Castle domain as a sort of mirror to the main site so that web visitors can switch between the two resources, with each resource being able to provide either text content and documents, or images.

By extension, this could also be applied to video content - at the moment the Comlongon YouTube channel is in it's infancy but this is the ideal resource to host video content that links back to the main 'outcome' site, where web visitors can complete goals such as make contact or use the wedding calculator to generate a guideline wedding quote.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Event decor hire

This is a recent customised Wordpress CMS website for a Dumfries-based event decor hire company.

The wordpress installation is based on a customised theme in line with the existing printed marketing materials of Tantrum Events.

The image galleries are controlled using the NextGen Gallery plug-in which also allow for the jwplayer slideshow effect based on random gallery images.

The functions.php file for the theme has been updated to use the post thumbnail feature present in Wordpress 2.9 onwards. More details...