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Friday, 10 February 2012

Pre-pack Wordpress Templates

Callisti is using the Platform template for WordPress but is re-considering this to allow full customisation of the desired Callisti theme. Currently some customisations would need to be made to the core Platform files to get everything just righ, which makes future updating more arduous as these changes could get overwritten.

Using the child-theme approach would allow for core WordPress and plug-in files to be automatically updated without causing conflict with the Callisti theme.

It's also been noticed that some plug-ins are starting to experience memory fails when executing certain processes but this could be in part a setting in php.ini or htaccess. Further consideration required.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Event Decor Hire - Redecorated

More customised Wordpress theming using child themes here: background static image for the body with CSS3 box shadow and IE8 fallback - CSS3 gradient works in firefox but not safari or ie8 just now but maybe one day...

The revision concentrates on the silver and blue colours of the logo, dispensing with the heavier burgundy so there's an altogether lighter feel to the website. Use was made of the custom menu feature in wordpress 3 to rationalise the content (and make it more user-friendly for the client to update content and images.)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wedding Lounge

The Wedding Lounge (Dumfries) is a new wordpress-based website built using child themes, custom menus and CSS3 - more in line with the way a wordpress framework ought to be customised. There is still a concession to the functions.php file as the parent theme version takes precedence over the child theme in this respect but this may change in future.

The Weddding Lounge website is to promote the services of an upcoming wedding photographer and wedding planner. The site is ready for the start of the wedding shows and fairs being held in Dumfries and Galloway in 2011 so provides an online source of information, as well as linking with the existing facebook profile and image galleries.