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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

There's life in the old Fasthosts server yet

Fun weekend's wouldn't be complete without several hours tweaking fasthosts dedicated servers to improve client website performance. Thanks again to the region's Bespoke Coder for sharing time, skills and tips.

The fun menu included optimising .NET application pools, defragmenting the drives, going through the event logs, removing or disabling unnecessary services and resource hogs, installing or re-installing software to improve the mail-server, updating web-config files to cut out the .NET proxy problem so scripts could access the web-server faster, updating log file settings so as to not fill up the C:\ drive, and that sort of thing.

Now the original Callisti server performing with some gusto, given its modest technical specification. However, it won't stop the server upgrade plan...

The server is leased from Fasthosts but nearly all of the Matrix control panel and Matrix services are bypassed to help improve performance and control.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

European elections

Who you vote for is a matter for your own conscience. That said, I've been doing some work on the Mike Russell MSP website, based on a nice Atahualpa theme. The theme administration is a class above so well worth checking out...

One feature of the site is RSS feeds for Mike's voting history and his Parliamentary Questions which took a bit of fiddling to create successfully using a combination of,, and some feed-building tips.

It's reassuring to know that the information on our elected representatives is there but you have to go data mining for the more juicy stuff.

Tip for the day: always remember to sort out your application pools in IIS before tearing your hair out with URL rewriting on a Windows server.