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Friday, 9 January 2009

Domain names was cached in google on 5th January but searching for the .me domain brings up a suggestion to search for domain instead. The concern is that .me domains aren't automatically given ranking status in google without a serious amount of linkage.

It does show up when searching for virtuo receptionist but that is an unlikely search, let's face it.

Recommendation: acquire .com and or domain, or use an alternative relevant domain? It still doesn't explain why .me domain names are penalized but where the site is hosted can affect the performance of domain suffixes.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

SEO what not to do

The mysteries of acquiring a page rank are myriad but here's what not to do.
Traffic for Callisti is being picked up by Google analytics but the site has not been assigned a page-rank as yet.

Some sources say that having AdSense on when the site is launched is deemed questionable by Google but this seems a little bizarre as it's part of their website services.

So with that in mind more time can now be invested in developing the site content and describing the services more informatively.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Named in the bible

Interesting fact: Queen of the South is the only football team named in the Bible.

Well, more accurately, the Bible mentions a Queen of the South and there is now a football team that shares this name. It's not like Queen of the South Football Club were around 2,000 years ago and someone thought they should mention his allegiance to the team.

Anyway, they are having trouble with their official website from what I can gather from the various unofficial blogs and supporters' message boards - the official message board is not available, possibly due to bad press.

A lesson for all you web site design companies out there trying to make that step up to professional service delivery: be careful what you promise.

And if you can't deliver what you promised, at least test your development site before you put it live.