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Friday, 1 July 2011

Callisti in wonderland

Curiouser and Curiouser is now online. Another prestashop (1.4) online shop customisation for the Edinburgh curiosity shop that also provide bespoke picture framing services.

Lots of text and odd angles and some interesting photographs. The bulk of the work was in converting the design to CSS and trying to find all the relevant .tpl and block css files in the prestashop structure.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Print CSS for Internet Explorer 7

Well. What better way to spend time on a bank holiday weekend after the recent "Royal Wedding".

An Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) feature was preventing the page content beyond the first page from printing properly for Albany UK property projects. In the browser's print preview option, the first page was displaying but with content truncated at the foot of the page. The second page onwards showed only the css background color/image but no page content.

Interestingly, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 printed out the pages correctly, although some of the property listings were getting cut in half at the end of the page. Not pretty.

The fix was to invoke the less well known CSS feature "display:inline-block;" for the outer box (div) containing the property listing divs, the property listing divs themselves, and (because of the WordPress structure) the .article class (each property listing is technically a post.)

Sounds straightforward? Well, no. The other part of the fix was to use a CSS hack, or IE7 selector, so that the styles would only be applied in IE7 browsers.

#main {position:relative; *position:static; *display:inline-block;}
.article {*display:inline-block;}

Applying the changes to affect all browsers broke the print layout in IE8 and Firefox.

There are some general guides for avoiding CSS print issues:

Beware floats
Stay mindful of absolute or relative positioning
Watch the use of height and width defined in px
Keep an eye on overflow

Ideally the print layout should display all content inline and with auto properties (width, height, position, overflow, etc.) and the browser rendering engine should never be confused by boxes within boxes (nesting of block level elements) but when does that happen, eh?

Some google results that helped...
The Blog of Ben Nadel

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Script free opacity

I was fooling around with the Callisti Logo and decided to make all the green squares useful in some way. Rather that start using scripts and alternative images I was able to use CSS and some opacity styling courtesy of a good resource by Mandarin Design.

You'll see that each colour uses opacity when rolled over and the links are consistent in a colour coded way. It's very out of your face (as opposed to in your face) so might be too subtle unless a visitor moves or sweeps their pointer over the logo.

Some other content updates have been made, e.g. updating the privacy statement to keep in line with Google, and some content and meta tag updates to reflect the organic shift in services that we offer.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Organic Farm in the Scottish Borders

Current website development news:

Organic meat from Liddesdale Selection is a website outlining the farm produce and services of a farm in Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders.

The web design is being signed off and will be converted to xhtml and css compliant brochure website for the organic farm produce in the first instance.

We'll then monitor and move on to developing an ecommerce website as required with any SEO work ongoing.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fancy a Hummer in Carlisle

This has been a journey of interest - installing wordpress on a Callisti server and then configuring it to behave kind of like a regular website but with added widgets. In a way the back end is more interesting than the front!

There is a flash slideshow plugin based on the NextGen image galleries and aside from some email settings on the server and a lot of CSS editing I've been impressed with the scope for individuation from the Wordpress community.

The next part is testing the site and getting the content and up-to-date images uploaded as well as the google account duties.

sitemap.xml CHMOD 777 and all that...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Website revisions

We are embarking on a marketing phase of company development this quarter so the website is going to be designed with a more professional image and better management of content and information.

Some good template sites that are css and xhtml have been made available by Andreas Viklund. This has been adopted by Geodata Solutions, for example, for use in their surveying and digital mapping services resource.

Never one for the bells and whistles approach, Callisti will aim for an efficient, usable website that looks pretty sweet.

Friday, 29 August 2008

An American World

We live in an american world. Every day I have to miss spell words like colour (color) to correctly code css style sheets.