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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Garden Hammock

Callisti is working on the seasonal hammock project for a local Galloway company and embracing Actinic 9 as an ecommerce solution.

The website design is trying to capture a fresh outdoor feel which should be an improvement to the legacy look of the original website.

Interestingly, the search term 'hammocks' is very seasonal especially in the UK and we are now noticing the rising traffic to the website as the spring equinox approches. Some of the Adwords tools from PPCBully, keywordcountry and show the value of a click for this keyword and also who the competitors are. Tough market!

As usual we will be applying Callisti SEO philosophy to the site so that the internal housekeeping assists in keeping CPC down and ROI up.

Hypnotherapy Treatment

Currently we're working on a personal consultation and training website that is based on hypnotherapy and the use of hypnosis techniques to deal with stress, helping to quit smoking and performance anxiety.

The back end has been developed to allow online course booking with secure payment and has a user area where registered users can log in to administrate.

There is an Callisti SEO friendly philosophy behind this so even the image names are aiming for search engine friendliness!

Managing conflict
is another course on offer which could be a growth industry in the current economic climate...